Ep: 37 Racist Holidays?

Former guest (and student) Joe Laughon is Mexican and Irish, and he asked us about celebrating Cinco De Mayo and St. Patrick's Day. So we took him up on his question, and asked him to come by and sit in on the recording.
NOW, this show does play a little light, and doesdance gingerly around issues of race and culture. But stick with us here. 
Do we have a civic responsibility to observe holidays? If we are observing ethnic holidays shouldn't we take some time to learn the history behind them? How do these holidays foster ethnic stereotypes? How can they serve as opportunities to learn about immigrant cultures? 
We give some practical advice to celebrating holidays amidst a sea of stereotypes, mariachi music and green beer. Joe tells us a bit about Irish history (because Dan can't), Jeff discusses St. Patrick and his peculiar method of cultural assimilation (it's uncomfortable), and Dan talks about the nature of holy/holi-days (and may have possibly said something that made Jeff edit out a portion). 
You'll hear music from the Chieftans, Public Enemy, the Pogues, and Mariachi El Bronx. 
Éirinn go Brách and Ole! 

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