Ep: 21b Loose Ends [A bonus B-Side with former students]

In this episode, we tie up some loose ends and include some conversations we had with listeners and former students, related to topics covered on previous episodes.  We start by discussing the anxiety we feel when we are aware of loose ends.

We chat via phone with Lauren Yauk, grand daughter of BIOLA president Thomas Talbott about her life after studying theology at a Christian university, especially as it relates to her struggles to apply the life of the mind to her desire to do good for neighbors in the world.  If you care about how young people are connected (or not) to religious communities today, this is worth a listen.  One thing that comes out loud and clear is the ways in which the theological and biblical scholarship of mainline church traditions is often disconnected to the life of the laity within local churches.  Most importantly, Lauren discusses disillusionment with various approaches to global development.  We sort of stay out of her way to listen (though we do interject a few red herrings as usual).  With Lauren, we mention Colorado CollegeColorado Christian University, a series of commentaries by popular figures, microfinance, Richard Wolff and the worker self-directed enterprise theory (which Jeff mistankenly thought was more like capitalism, but is related to new Marxist thinking).  Included toward the end is a Pashtun folk song, in honor of Tim Olson, one of Jeff's former students and an ethnomusicology scholar with significant time living around the world.  See the link below to check out the song on Amazon.

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