Ep: 20 Thanksgiving Part 1 - The Historical Background

We share some of the deep history leading up to the first Thanksgiving.  Jeff tells about one of his favorite topics in history: the Florida Holy Wars of the 1560s; this is the Thanksgiving that almost was.  Dan gives the true story of the Pilgrims' first thanksgiving meal.  We argue that Thanksgiving is a holiday with religious roots, but that the holiday as we have it today originates in the secular or "left hand" kingdom, and thus is of value to all people in the US.  Foreign listeners should listen to find out why we Americans have such a fetish for Turkey once a year, and for some interesting stories from early modern history.  If you like the story about Florida, you can visit some of the sites by starting here.  On this show you will find out whether Dan knows what a manatee is.  Dan busts a few myths about what people ate during the first Thanksgiving.  We discuss the Arbella and "A Model of Christian Charity" by John Winthrop.

Thinking WellDoug Klembara