Ep: 49 The Way The World Ends (It's The End of the World As We Know It?)

Apocalyptic thought isn’t just the domain of Christians obsessed with the book of Revelation.  On today’s episode we discuss the way that many have seen the end of the world coming, and how it effects the way they live in the present.

We steer clear of the “Left Behind” stuff  (for the most part) and look at current events stirring the news in Russia, and elsewhere that have the world up in arms (and talk of a new Cold War or 3rd World War).  We discuss the role of oil, the environment, and service to our neighbor as it relates to our obsession with the way the world will end (with a bang or a whimper).

We look back at some of the more fun (?) predictions that the world would end from 500 to the present.  We talk about the apocalyptic views from the Nazi’s and Marxists, the Mayans and the thoroughly underwhelming Y2K.  Dan sounds a bit like a professor for a bit talking about International Relations, and Jeff spooks us out by reading from the Dies Irae and a scary sounding part of the Hebrew Bible.  But both of us try to muffle the alarms of the extremists and keep our heads on straight in times which could get us all worked up (economically, politically, socially, etc…)

While we do discuss Christianity’s peculiar fascination with the end of the world, but try to keep it on the respectful tip- Jeff explains a little bit of theology as it pertains to larger social movements in the 20th c. and today. It was a hot day outside, and we had a good time recording in the cool of Dan’s office. Enjoy!

Thanks for your continued support of the show, feel free to comment or email with any questions and we will continue to produce shows- at least your Sunday shows (plus your occasional B sides) throughout the summer.

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