Ep: 48 Give it Away Now (Or, Charities That Suck and Those That Don't)

On today’s episode Dan admits that he may have skimmed a little money off the top off of a Brywood Elementary jog-a-thon in the 6th grade with his Bad Friend Larry and Jeff  bashes the Red Cross!!! 

Jeff has a reason, Dan does not. 

But, more to the point, today we discuss giving to charities and how not to get scammed. 

When tragedy strikes we find that Americans tend to be quite generous in giving. But are there ways in which organizations take advantage of this? If you want to make a difference with your dollars, how might you think about doing it? What if you don’t have dollars to give, how might you spend your time or talent helping others? 

We discuss giving back to society in our everyday life and work or how you might find a career doing charitable work. 

Check out the following links from today’s show. Also, try watching the sad Sarah McLachlan commercial without tearing up (or laughing inappropriately).

Charity Navigator
America’s Worst Charities
Chronicle of Philanthropy
Sam Outlaw

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