Ep: 47 Youth Gone Wild (The Kids Are Alright?)

The Kids Are Alright! Or are they? 

On today’s show we don’t have these ‘kids’ as our guests, but rather some folks who have a vocation working with kids. Our good friends, and guests Kurt and Debi Winrich, discuss their roots in the counter cultural Jesus movement in the 1960’s and 70’s and working with kids in the church today. While  this show does discuss Christian theology, we are most interested in discussing the curious place of youth culture and the church in "youth groups” today.  Whether you've been involved (or are) in one of these before, or live in our youth obsessed culture (even in the church!), you might give this show a listen.

Kurt and Debi invited us to there home and we spent a lovely afternoon talking about the curious nature of the modern church, our love of music (and how it plays into the church).  We move at something of a breakneck speed, moving from topic to topic (check out the links below), but keep it centered around how we might think about who the “kids” are and are they “alright”? And while there are some reasons to despair, there are reasons to think that things aren’t as bad as we might think (and like?) them to be.

We talk about the Jesus Movement of Calvary Chapel and the Vineyard in the late 60’s, 70’s and 80’s (check out David Di Sabatino’s documentary of Lonnie Frisbee it’savailable on Vimeo VOD here! Now!). We talk about the evangelical tradition ofdispensationalism, the prevalence of moralistic therapeutic deism, and curious stats about the nature of belief amongst the "millenial" set today. 

If you are interested, we mentioned the following transcript:
What Happens When Christianity Doesn't Work: A Funeral Sermon for Dr. Timothy Brewer by Dr. Michael Horton

As always, contact us with more questions about the show (things we said, or maybe didn't explain clearly enough!) We like to revisit topics as well as correspond with listeners.