Ep: 44 The Court of Public Opinion

This is not a show about Donald Sterling. Seriously. But, in light of Sterling's less than gentlemanly expressed opinions and ban from the NBA we decided to talk about the problems that arise when public outcry determines public policy. If we all can condemn Donald Sterling and stand with the NBA, what aboutPaula Deen and the Food Network? What about Phil Robertson, Duck Dynasty and A&E? What happens when public outcry is misplaced? This has scared political thinkers since Plato and might make us consider the dangers of popular democracy. How does this effect our right to freedom of expression? How might this lead us down a dangerous path in the both civic and religious spheres? Listen, and think along with us (with Jeff's slightly anarchist tendencies and Dan's slightly aristocratic tendencies), as we wrestle with the idea of how we gauge, form, and judge public opinion.  

We also talk a little bit about summer time music, play a game that tests Dan's hipster cred (he prefers the term paleo-hipster), and the Kentucky Derby. The song at break isDeadbeat Summer by Neon IndianAnd yes, Jeff didn't turn down the audio during the break, eh... we won't do it again. 

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