Ep: 43 The Graduation Special!

If you are in school, and have been with us since ViW 8 The Back to School Special, this might be a nice bookend to your academic year. If you're not in school, well, maybe this episode is especially for you. Let me explain.
On this episode we discuss the nature of  learning after the last lecture has been delivered and you find yourself out in the real world.  Maybe you're preparing for this new phase in your life, or maybe you've been in the real world for some time. 
Today's show explores Dan's strange ambivalence to pop songs about graduating, to the necessity of learning outside the hallowed halls of the University.  We talk about the necessity of good questions that need complicated answers, as well as bad questions that require simplistic answers. Does that make sense? 
This episode flows from our previous episode on training the mind to focus on the little things, and is a reflection on our life outside of college (even as professors, we spend time outside of the college). We talk about ourselves as political animals (that's what Aristotle calls us) and our calling to serve our family, friends, and neighbors with our minds. 
2 notes: we obviously didn't get the cough button figured out. We made a joke about it, but we thought it worked, and then we posted the show and can't easily edit it out.  Thinking it worked, Jeff belched at one point. Sorry.
But if you can put up with that- you should listen to hear what business want from young employees and what older people can do to continue to cultivate a happier life.
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