Ep: 41 Can Virtue Be Taught?

Before you write, yes, we know that at the hour mark when we take a break you can hear us shouting underneath the music. No, you can't know what we were fighting about, but Dan thinks Jeff was overreacting.

How many professors does it take to define virtue? Well, we packed 6 into a hotel room and chatted about the definition of virtue, but more importantly, we asked, "can it be taught?"
We were on location in Los Angeles at the annual conference for The Association of Core Texts and Courses. We started the podcast discussing the best cities in the world. The question we then asked ourselves (and have been asked by others), "can you teach virtue?" is a question that doesn't just effect us as professors, but also as parents. Can you teach someone to be 'virtuous'? What are the virtues? Are they intellectual, moral, etc...? Isn't this just moralizing?  We have Dr. Scott Ashmon (PhD, Ancient Near East Studies at Hebrew University), Dr. John Lu (PhD, Psychology UCI), Dr. CJ Armstrong (PhD, Classics UCI), Mr. Dan Deen (PhD Cand. Philosophy Florida State) and Dan (Phd, History University of St. Andrews) and Jeff (DPhil, Oxford). That is a lot of student debt, and possibly, a crap load of hubris. Luckily, we bust each others chops enough that we hope you will enjoy us trying to figure out a problem that we should probably all think about. 

This is our first show with the brand new equipment given to us by a generous anonymous donor. Dan still managed to hit his mic, and with 4 headsets and 6 profs, we do move them about (but the sound is so much better). 

We discussed: Aristotle on Virtuethe Enuma ElishVirtue EthicsThe Rwandan GenocidePhilip Zimbardo and more... click on the links for more info.