Ep: 40 The Iliad, A Wasteland Companion

So, you've noticed something different about this episode already. First, it is neither an "a" or "b" side. But rather a "wc". Before you go making antiquated jokes about the toilet, understand that this is our designation for a series of podcasts centered on great texts. The "Wasteland Companion" is a podcast 

that centers around the discussion of a book for an audience that has either a) not read the book b) read the book a long time ago or c) just read it, and wants to hear some people talking about it. You see what we did there? EVERYONE fits into one of these categories! With a wealth of talent living around us, we decided that, from time to time, we will offer a companion to a great text (ancient, modern, pop, classic). Our "third wheel", Classicist Dr. CJ Armstrong sat in to discuss the greatest war story ever told. We hope you enjoy the occasional foray into these texts, as these are not merely good stories (though they are) but ultimately point us beyond ourselves to think about the nature of truth, goodness, and beauty. (Thanks to Char and Forme Design for our "bookish" logo for the Wasteland Companion series)