Ep: 39 Wrapped up in Books

Sit back and enjoy as we continue to discuss art and aesthetics in the form of the written and (usually) bound word. Our good pal CJ (who you will hear on an upcoming special episode) sat in as we took our various periods of expertise (Ancient, Early Modern, and Modern) and suggested three books that turned us on to the great ideas, important events, etc...
While we do not pick obscure difficult books to read, we do stay in the traditional category of great books. All three of us came up with our list on short order and thought that we would be made fun of for what we excluded. We found out that we all really liked the lists we were ready to critique. Feel free to contact any of us about the books we mention if you decide to pick one of them up and go for a romantic, dark, whimsical, political, or comic stroll through its pages. 

Click "Read More" to the bottom left of this post to see our list with links to editions we endorse