Ep: 36 You Asked For It- Reader Feedback

Mailbag! Instead of one topic, this week we go after as many as we can. These topics have been selected by YOU, the listener. We have been asked various questions, asked to clarify a few positions that we've taken, and asked, as we did in the last episode "Are You Insane?"

On today's show we start with a brief "state of the podcast" discussion, correct ourselves, and answer a few questions about politics and education. Did Dan really attack single people on a past show? Is Jeff an Anarchist? What's that kook, Vladdy Putin up to? Why does the intro sound different? The quality of the intro is crap this week (we are working on it!) but the content has changed for a reason.

Listen in and listen up, we've taken your questions and comments and made a show out of them.  It's just the tip of the iceberg, after you listen, let us know what questions we didn't address.

When we discuss Myers-Briggs, we don't fully explain it for those who aren't familiar with it. Here is an explanation (click here)

Dan is an INFJ, which stands for Introvert (not extrovert), Intuitive (not sensing), Feeling (instead of thinking), and Judging (rather than perceiving). This is the rarest combination. Jeff is an extrovert and then follows the same pattern as Dan, this is the second most rare.

As always, continue to comment, follow us and ask questions on twitter@jeffanddanpod on our Facebook page and on Instagram

Jeff also talks about his unhealthy obsession with Lana Del Rey, and Dan admits his love of the dreamy Matthew Mcconaughey and True Detective.

Enjoy. And have a delightful week.