Ep: 33b Rethinking Immigration with Joe Laughon [Bonus B-Side]

Whatever your political stripe, we think you'll get a mind punch from our guest, Joe Laughon on how to think (and not think) about immigration issues. Joe is a contributor to Cafe Con Leche Republicans and former member of the national champion forensics team at Concordia University, Irvine. 
 One of our favorite things to do with guests is to sit down, and just hit record; whatever comes up, comes up. And this is certainly the case with Joe and his insightful and somewhat surprising musings on immigration in America today.  You can check out his guest post for us here, and see more of his writings here

Joseph Laughon (B.A. History and Political Thought) was a campaign consultant to Martha Flores Gibson in 2012 and was both the vice chairman of the college Republicans club and the President of Nuestra Voz. He works in Long Beach, California where his great-grandfather, Salvador de la Cruz, emigrated as an orphaned, undocumented immigrant.

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