Ep: 33 SCANDAL! scandal?

We often find it too hard to let a salacious story pass by without a quick comment.  And we think that's problematic. But that's what this show is about. A show about scandals and how we shouldn't delight in shows about scandals. Brain in a pretzel yet? 
When a former authoritarian Christian minister from Jeff's past came up in some disturbing news recently, we linked to it from our Facebook and twitter site. We had a pretty remarkable response, and it made us think about the nature of scandalous stories. How are the allegations about Bill Gothard different from the untowardly tales from the campaign of Anthony Wiener? How does a disgraced former Rev.Ted Haggardlook next to a blood doping, lying, cheating (yet cancer beating!) Lance Armstrong. On today's show we talk about the nature of talking about scandals, while Dan tells a story he's tired of telling (the one about sonic the hedgehog and plagiarism), Jeff and Dan talk a little about the Woody Allen "he saidshe said" affair, and we talk to an old friend of Jeff's and former Gothard-ite, Chris Frohardt.
Listen in for talk about the Sega Genesis that ruined Dan's academic career (in Jr High), the legends of Carlos Danger and Ron MexicoGustave Le Bon and Hitler, Bill James on Crime, and hear a little music fromthe PoguesM.Ward, and The Pains of Being Pure At Heart.
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