Ep. 32 Water Water, Everywhere Without a Drop To Drink?

Sometimes we like to bring in a friend, hit record, and chat. For this episode we brought in our favorite Lutheran Hippie, Jeff Macare, to mess with our new sound set up and talk about his vocations in music and water filtering (and how they both relate to our notions of nature). We start talking about our new audio set up (with some blips and bumps), and the merits of analog vs. digital recording. We make our way (after the first break) to a discussion of the nature of "nature", and then (after our second break) about the water we drink. Not all of our shows are linear discussions or lectures (and we like it like that!), this is a winding discussion that we had good fun recording. Mallinson tells a story or two, Dan talks about his love of caffeine, nicotine and prozac, and Macare talks about the nature of water and water filtering. Listen to it in bits, or binge it on a car drive or whilst grocery shopping. As always, post comments below.

Living WellDoug Klembara