Ep: 27 Vocation Fails

We discuss failure, the fear of failure, and the upside of failure. Jeff and Dan discuss the failure of a recent recording, failure in their own lives and some kind of framework for putting  that into focus. This Isn't a Tony Robbins-esqe pep talk or go-get-em talk about picking yourself up again. Rather, we hope it is a real look at failure in our lives and world. And how maybe, MAYBE, we can make sense of it.
We talk about Bob Dylan's Señor, Dan's failed job(s), the concept of being a householder yogi, and Jeff turning 40. Is this a depressing show? yes/no. It's called "Virtue in the Wasteland", we always try and find the balance between realism and some kind of glimmer of optimism.

Living WellDoug Klembara