Ep: 23 The Best Christmas Hymns

We share the best Christmas hymns (sacred songs).  We provide clips only of each; but listen all the way through and we share a classic: a hymn performed by Dr. Rod Rosenbladt in its entirety. 

The tree to the left is the one in the van Voorhis home.  You can learn more about an emerging organization and project meant to share Dr. Rosenbladt's legacy by watching the video below.  Dan says at the beginning: "I may have just agreed to do this podcast for this and the next show."  He means that we'll be doing the top secular Christmas songs next week.  Dan offers, by the way, to DJ your Christmas party for $150 an hour. 
We mention the 1517 Legacy Project and New Reformation Press, and a downloadable version of O Holy Night made available by Tipitina's Foundation.

*Dan here: since the show, I came across a version of Silent Night that is pretty darn good- it's by Alexi Murdoch. 
Here's a link to it on youtube