Ep: 9c A Precarious Week in the Wasteland?

Syria, Miley Cyrus, the death of Reggae, and the ubiquity of dance music. Another C-Side where we talk about current events.  After chatting about the silly things going on in our own lives, we try to understand the complex situation in Syria, as we await congressional response to Obama's plan to intervene.  

We mention: The White House in Laguna Beach, the Video Music Awards, Plato's take on musical modes, listener Scott Copeland's birthday, YOLO,Steve ChmelarFlock of 80s at the StillwaterBashar al-Assad, the Alawite brand of Islam, the  Star Wars evacuation of rebel forces on HothJeff Bezos, ESPN Classic, which shut down in the Eastern HemisphereDrudge Report, Coke Zero and that it gets it'scoca leaves after they get the active cocaine ingredient removed.  

Living WellDoug Klembara