Ep: 8 Back to School Special

Back to School time in the wasteland.  Is all the money we spend on education worth it? We discuss fears about going to school as a child and the ways in which higher education affects our culture in profound ways.  We confront the idea of secularism, reductionism and nihilism in the academy, the kind of virtues needed to mature successfully in college, and the important virtues liberal arts training cultivates in students.  We discuss ways in which Albrecht Dürer's prints: St. Jerome in his Study and Melancholia I illustrate a kind of melancholy produced by studying a subject formally.  This might be a good one to share with those heading off to university for the first time, and those struggling with their understanding of the world in increasingly complex and ideologically challenging collegiate settings.  It's also worth a listen if you are helping a family member make decisions about or pay for higher education.  Is there a return on investment?   We thought about cutting this into two parts because its long, but we figured it would be more convenient to have it in one file.  Due to the length, we will not be having a Bonus B-side this week.