Ep: 7c Another Week in the Wasteland [Bonus C-Side]

Current events: Egypt, Wikileaks, journalism and the nature of the news itself.  Once again, we do a bonus show.  Jeff and Dan freestyle about the news, from the perspective ofFaithful Masks emphases on civil courage, two kingdoms, and vocation.  We discuss democracy, Islam, the Muslim Brotherhood, secularism, the First Amendment, espionage,Ambrose Bierce, whistle-blowers, H. L. Menken, Mubarak, Bradley Manning, Edward Snowden, espionage, natural law, treason, trending stories on Google news, and constitutions.  The opening music is a bit different this time, just for fun.  Never fear, the Flaming Lips will be back.  For now, enjoy this piece of the Denver scene: The Railbenders playing "Dead Man's Walk."  They should be sought out by those hoping for good kick of Denver alternative country, if you are ever in Colorado.  See them especially if they are playing at the Little Bear in Evergreen, though Colorado listeners may be pleased to know that they are playing in Denver on September 6.  We also play part of a song from Bob Dylan's Christian era in the middle of the show.