Ep: 6 Where to Live in the Wasteland

Choosing where to live is one of the most important issues in our lives.  But often, we are uncritical about the reasons we use to pick our home town.  Jeff's been a nomad, Dan's stayed close to one of the safest cities in the world.  Where should a person choose to live in our day? Is the "wasteland" a physical place? Is it more virtuous to live in one place over another?

While this may seem mundane- as we discussed issues that matter before recording we realized that the idea of an actual wasteland, and where one lives has been a perennial question. The city has often been associated with "sin" (sorry, Vegas) while country living has been associate with virtuous living. Where does this idea come from, and is it still true today?

The picture here is of Mission Viejo, CA, as it was first being developed, it serves as a starting point for our discussion of suburbia and the modern planned community. The surf music in the background is a rarity: Maraca 50, which accidentally get's boosted too loud for a bit;  finding actual copies of their music is pretty tough but worth the effort.  It is appropriate in that it was a cool Mexican-influenced surf band from Colorado (it plays while we discuss my dad's move from Boulder, CO to the West Coast.    We couldn't get the original picture of Jeff drinking a beer at age 5.  If we do, we will share it.

We make reference to the Heidelberg BakeryWoodbridge LakeCalifornia Proposition 13, Genesis 6, and Enuma Elish