Ep: 5c This Week in the Wasteland [Bonus C-Side]

Alex Rodriguez, the anniversary of the Hiroshima bombing, Jeff Bezos and the Washington Post are our topics for today.  This is a new category of show we're introducing called Bonus C-Sides;  C stands for current events, and we record the night before our takes on three trending news stories.  Here, we apply our life experience plus our core themes of vocation, two kingdoms theory, and civil courage.  Now if you love talking heads and news, you will be disappointed to find that the first half of the show involves current events in the lives of Dan and Jeff.  They will try to tie their anecdotes in to themes of the show, but they can't guarantee that.  It's a way for your hosts to have a bit of fun and let you get to know what's up with them.  Remember, now that the academic year is around the corner, your professor hosts can't promise two shows a week, but if you indulge these playful but informative C-Sides, they are a good way to keep the expedition moving along.  In that first part, we discuss the virtue of pet cats, risking one's life forfootwear, fishing in Big BearTrestles, how the world was saved at Nixon's home in Cotton's point (his favorite Mexican restaurants Olamendi's and El Adobe), and sensory deprivation tanks.  Tune in to figure out how any of that matters, if at all.  Jeff didn't have time to share all his personal investments in the issue of the war with Japan.  His great uncle, Herbert Kern was with Bell Labs and, the story goes, felt so unsettled by his role with the Manhattan project that he shifted his research to the treatment of depression through ultraviolet light.  You can find information about that story here and more detail here. Maybe we can get the fascinating Kern story soon, but for now, note that Jeff is biased regarding Truman's decision to drop the bomb.  He does mention his grandfather, Charles Mallinson, who was on the west coast on the air strip, and fortunately wasn't needed for a last great battle in the Pacific.  The closing quote is fromOppenheimer, quoting the Bhagavad Gita.

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