Ep: 5 America & The World

Whatever your politics, you probably agree we should care about human beings, whatever their nationality.  We do, but from what we can tell, it isn't easy to do.  The best of intentions and the most sophisticated plans for helping people around the world can have unintended negative consequences.  In this show, Dan brings the top events in American history that are relevant to our relationship with the world.  We ask whether it is possible to be isolationists.  Toward the end, we have a brief conversation with Andrew Syed, founder of the 1010 Project (see documentary below on this organization), former director of an Amnesty International poverty project, and currently working on ethical policies at a for-profit corporation.  Here's Andrew's article in Christianity Today, mentioned in the conversation.  We ask him which, if any of these avenues has been most efficient at creating good for our neighbors around the world.  

Here are links to some things we mentioned, in case you want to learn more (things you can buy are listed further down): Philippe The Original French DipAaron Sorkin,MonsantoThe Gamble House, and George Bissell. The video below features our guest Andrew yed, and relates to our conversation about microfinance.