Ep: 3b Social Networks and Theology

We interview Prof. Joel Oesch about his research on social networks and theology.  Joel is a colleague in theology at Concordia University, Irvine, where he oversees the MA in Theology program, and faces daily the challenges of new ways of carrying out education, sometimes at a distance.  He is also a birdwatcher like Jeff, though we don't talk about that this time.

Joel argues for the importance of human embodied contact. We talk about Dietrich Bonhoeffer on community, and whether it is possible to have it online.  Remember, bonus B-Sides are in depth conversations with professionals and professors that might become a bit more technical.  This one's pretty accessible though, and important if you care about the topic.  

We touch on fantasy sports, wikipedia, online education, the Dumbest Generation, and briefly the ideas of Ray Kurzweil.  Auggie Mallinson mentions that season five is the place for new viewers to start watching Dr. Who.  Jeff botches a reading of a Radical Orthodox thesis on virtual reality. 

Note that some of Joel's themes were part of Joel's presentation to Lutheran youngins at the National Youth Gathering (2013) and his Prezi presentation is online here if you want to lift some notes.