Ep: 3 Technology

We talk about technology and how it can be used for good or ill.  We discuss Alexis de Tocqueville, Facebook pet peeves, Mars Hill Church in Seattle, the value of Wikipedia, Denis Diderot and encyclopedias, the Flaming Lips, a campaign to stop killer robots.  We mention hacktivism and Anonymous, theooze.comSnohomish County Mycological Society, R.C. Sproul, Beverly Hills 90210, and the importance of associations. Jeff mentions two friends with blogs: Lance Green and David Andersen.  We read some online reviews of Dan and Jeff’s teaching on ratemyprofessors.com.  Ironically, the technology we used was too powerful for us neophytes, so the show about technology has imperfect audio, but we fixed it up as good as the original allowed. Auggie (Jeff’s son as well as sound, show notes and tech guy makes no apologies for abruptly cutting out a useless part of the conversation about 90210 early on in the original recording. He apologizes instead that Jeff and Dan wandered so far afield and made him have to edit so early on in the show; but it's fixed, so enjoy.)