Ep: 13C "Breaking Bad" in the Wasteland

Breaking Bad is, with the Walking Dead, one of the two most important artifacts of popular culture with respect to the question of virtue in our chaotic world.  In this show, Dan lists the greatest shows of all time by category (Dan brings up the Twilight Zone, and thus had to mention his son'snamesake).  We conclude with a discussion of what we learned about culture, ourselves, art and philosophy through reflection on the life of the guy who became Heisenberg.  We briefly discuss connections to the actual Werner Heisenberg.   If you never ended up watching Breaking Bad, you might want to listen to figure out the reason folks got so into it.  If you are having post-finale withdrawals, join us for some reflection to keep the mythology alive just a bit longer.  Remember that Bonus C-Sides are where we chat somewhat informally about current events.  If you like this topic, you might want to go back to previous show on evil and our conversation about the Stanford Prison Experiment with Dr. Betsi Little-Van Fossen.

For further reading on this subject, check out the pieces by the thoughtful Todd VanDerWerff, and the insightful Kayla Upadhyaha.