Ep: 11 Would You Rather?

Bright students join the conversation this week.  We gathered in the Global Village Lounge of Concordia University, Irvine.  We get feedback from the students, asking them to answer tough ethical questions, and asking whether the world does indeed seem like a wasteland to them.  We've got some bright students, and we got energized by the conversation.  By the way, when Dan gives the "answer" to each tough question, we do this tongue in cheek.  These are tough dilemmas we address in this episode.  We try to avoid "making perfect the enemy of good" and break ourselves free from moral paralysis--where we fail to act because we don't know the perfect answer to a difficult issue.  Jeff discusses his attempt to eat über-local, foraged food in Washington State.  Dan shares a Bad Friend Larry story.  The debate heats up over home schooling, private schooling, and public schooling.  We end with a discussion of freedom versus safety.  We thank our students sincerely; they brought great energy to the conversation.

Living WellDaniel van Voorhis