Ep: 1 Evil

In this episode, we discuss the complex nature of evil.  For this, we tackle artifacts of popular culture, our top scary movies, and focus especially on the two rival prequels to the Exorcist: The Beginning and Dominion (the one with more theological depth due to the theological training of filmmaker Paul Schrader), to examine the ways in which we see evil working in the world through subtle means.  Dan and Jeff also reminisce about the first time they heard Johnny Cash's cover of Will Oldham's (Bonnie Prince Billy's) "I See a Darkness" off of American 3: Solitary Man.  We also bring in existentialism and Albert Camus, The Stranger.  We plan to use transition music to introduce listeners to sounds we enjoy during each show.  The intro music is from Apocalyptica, and the concluding music is by Delta Spirit, off the   Walking Dead Soundtrack.  If you like the show (or you see some future potential), please subscribe on iTunes or your preferred service, and give us a rating so we can get the word out.  Tell your friends too.