Special Mid Week Episode! How Castro Became What He Hated


Jeff shouted, "There aren't always two sides to every story, just because there are 2% against 98% doesn't make the two percent a side".  On a bonus episode Jeff and Dan discussed the curious reaction in America to the death of the 90 year old former Cuban dictator Fidel Castro. Many Cubans abroad rejoiced and there was an ambivalent silence in Havana.  Yet the press has turned his death into a referendum on how history should view the man responsible for death of hundreds of thousands and brought the world to the brink of destruction in 1962.  Both Jeff and Dan are unambiguously vocal in their opinion that Castro ultimately became a violent tyrant, performing acts of cruelty on his own people, the people of whom he claimed to be the champion.  Ultimately, how did this man who sought a "direct democracy" and freedom for the working class become precisely the man he claimed to hate and oppose?  What might this tell us about the nature of a governing class, tyranny, and democracy?Jeff mentioned a theory that a number of you have asked about- it from Ian Barbour

  1. Agreement with the Data- does it match reality?
  2. Coherence- Is it consistent?
  3. Scope- does it apply to all people who have ever? 
  4. Fecundity- does it lead to good works?

A few of the articles we reference on the show:






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