Ep. 227 No Excuses Needed: SNL, Hieronymus Bosch, and More!

Sometimes, we feel the need to defend great artifacts and contributors to culture. But why not let them speak for themselves, whatever the critics may think? We return to some reflections on a Father John Misty concert, discuss the cultural significance of Saturday Night live, explore the importance of a sixteenth century painter who's wilder than Dali.

Daniel van Voorhis
Ep 225: Pure Comedy

You either know, or you don't know.  Perhaps, you downloaded this show thinking, finally a show that is pure comedy.  No bummers or hackneyed jokes. Pure Comedy.  Or, you thought, finally a show that is pure comedy.  No cussing or inappropriate jokes.  This show has nothing to do with comedy or purity.  It's a show about some ideas a guy has, and how he has delivered those to us.

Daniel van Voorhis
Episode 224- Going Dutch, Hardcore Calvinism, and The Spanish Inquisition

Wow. The picture looks demeaning to the poor dutch.  And on todays show we point out that they go cheap on dates (as the colloquial phrase has taught us).  I'm sorry.  And I mean "I'm".  You see, this is Dan. I do the write ups for the shows every week and picking on the dutch is not what I care to do on a podcast that goes across the globe (Hi New Zealand, China and Croatia!).  Check out my last name (and the lower case v, as it is a preposition making the proper way to alphabetize according to the VO). I'm one of those clogging, curiously on the continent but seems like we should be next to Sweden, windmill loving dutchmen.  What else is shocking, and I mean SHOCKING on this week's show? 

Daniel van Voorhis
Episode 221- The Zurich Reformation (Zurich is Stained)

The Affair of the Sausages! William Tell! Classical humanism and educational reform! Ok, two of the tree sound interesting.  Three of the three are interesting. Seriously.  Check it out as we begin a series on the social and political impact of the Reformation around the world.

Daniel van Voorhis
Episode 218 Burning Questions!

Over the past month or so, as we have delved into some deep water regarding a few political questions as well as episodes regarding authority and power, we have been getting a number of questions in our inbox.  While a call in show is a possibility we are playing with, we had enough questions to try answering a few. But beware...

Ep. 217 Screaming Art

"Suddenly the sky turned blood red – I paused, feeling exhausted, and leaned on the fence – there was blood and tongues of fire above the blue-black fjord and the city – my friends walked on, and I stood there trembling with anxiety – and I sensed an infinite scream passing through nature" This is Edward Munch on his famous painting "The Scream".  On this week's show we talk about this painting with one of our favorite guests, nay favorite people, Dr. Dan Siedell.  As always, he brings his soothing voice and engaging personality and encyclopedic knowledge to talk about art to those of us who might know nothing about it

Daniel van Voorhis
Ep. 216 Immigration and Our Pal Joe

So. The news, huh? I was on Facebook and people were totally talking about the news, and politics and stuff. Crazy.  Apparently, there are issues with people coming to America? And The new President, the guy that sold his own steaks, and was on TV and ruined New Jersey (just kidding, it kinda sucked already).  Well, our old pal Joe Laughon came on this show to break down some of the jibber jabber that everyone has been shouting and emoji-ing about.

Daniel van Voorhis
Episode 215: All That Power

"No one man should have all that power/The Clock’s ticking, I just count off the hours"- Kanye West.  

Yeah, we dropped Kanye in this show.  I did it in the cold open without thinking about it. But, well, we're talking about power. And I like that song. On today's show do we get a little personal? Yes. But that doesn't minimize or localize the bigger issue...  Power, fear, false authority and real authority- how do we recognize it when it is real, when it is false and when we should follow and oppose...

Daniel van Voorhis
Episode 214 Say Goodbye Forever: Ten Things That Will Be Gone In Ten Years

It all erased.  Seriously.  AGAIN.  I can't tell you how good the copy was for this description of the show.  it exhausted me.  It was rich and full of character.  it was a mix of Dostoyevsky and Fitzgerald.  I cried whilst writing and then had a reinvigorated passion for life. 

No.  it was just me telling you about how Jeff has been sick and how I ate an entire box of Starbucks cranberry bliss bars.  


Daniel van Voorhis
Ep. 213: Jeff and Dan "Ask A Mexican" with Author and Journalist Gustavo Arellano

Two Words. Gustavo Arellano. Boom! (ok, that's three).

But, really, stop what you are doing and listen to this show.  I'm not kidding. Driving? Pull over.  Breastfeeding? Get a pacifier.  Just sitting and looking at the computer screen because some link brought you here? Stop reading this and listen to the show.  Gustavo is a dude I've been reading for a decade and am super stoked he joined us for today's show.  

Daniel van Voorhis
Episode 212 Question Authority

If I've learned anything in life, it is to never question authoritarian governments...I have also learned that dogs, especially the kinds with bees in their mouths that when they bark shoot bees out of their mouths are the most dangerous of all animals.  We also talk about the shape of things to come, and 2017 as a year to question authority....

Episode 211- The Normal Show

On today's show we discuss the idea of normal.  Having received so many emails from all around the world, we have a particularly American and west coast mentality.  We think some things are normal when in fact it might be shocking to others.  Is normal the same as good?

Daniel van Voorhis
Ep 210 Sloughing Off and Letting Go of 2016

On this, the last episode of 2016, Jeff and Dan channel their T. Swift and decide what they are going to shake off in the coming year. The Taylor Swift reference was not on purpose but a slip up by Dan.  And then, as he listened to the album 1989 (The Taylor Swift version, the Ryan Adams cover of it, and then the Father John Misty cover of Ryan Adam's cover) he recognized...

Episode 209 Grundtvig "the Happy Dane" Freedom in Religion and Education

I don't want to be negative. But, this show doesn't seem that interesting? A Dane? Never heard of them. Are the where we get the dog with the strange barrel under his neck? And he's from the 1800's? I'm out.  But wait! What if I told you that he not only directed the future of educational reform and the freedom of the church across the western world, he was such a merry maker and cheerful and deeply gracious poet and author of hundred of hymns,  that he could say he had no enemies but knaves and fools.

Episode 208- Everything Will Be Cool This Christmas

While this is our 4th (!) annual Christmas show, it is our 7th show dedicated to the Happiest time of the year, you know: Ho Ho Ho, Jingle Bells and all that jazz.  As we come to the close of a tumultuous 2016, not only in our culture, but in our personal and professional lives, you might expect a dour show filled wth heartbreak on Christmas eve, existential despair and tales of spiking suicide rates.  And that is exactly what we have for you! Except, Dan, the self appointed king of Christmas cheer rattles off Christmas songs and derides his partner for not knowing them while Jeff recalls a recent experience with a bird call, a crowded freeway and a revelation that the good news is that we are all doomed.  That's right, everybody, it a very special ViW Christmas Special.  And please remember, Baby Jesus? He was born to rock!